Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jubilee Cake Decorations

Everywhere seems to be going Jubilee mad at the moment so here are my top 5 cake decorations and where you can find them.
1. Sugar Diamonds from Chocolate Trading Co 

What diamond Jubilee would be complete without a few diamonds adorning your cakes?

2. Terribly British cupcake kit from Party Ark

3. Red, white and blue sugar strands from the Cake Decorating Company 

4. Sugarflair food colouring from cakes, cookies and crafts

I find you get a really good strong colour from sugarflair some red and blue will be perfect for Jubilee goodies.

5. Queens Jubilee crown dark chocolate cake toppers from the Cake Decorating Company 

Come back soon to see how I put these items to use.

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