Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter Egg

500g Milk Chocolate
125g White  Chocolate (optional)
125g Plain Chocolate (optional)

Edible glitter
Flavoured Sugar (See Chocolate Snaps Recipe)

You will need an Easter egg shaped mould I found mine in Lakeland but I'm sure there are more out there from other suppliers.

If you are using nuts, glitter or flavoured sugar sprinkle your moulds with these then melt the white chocolate and plain chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water then drizzle over the mould to create a pattern or if you are just using milk chocolate cover the mould evenly. Now put it in the fridge to set.

Once set melt the milk chocolate in batches and let sit for a minute or two to thicken up.  Coat the moulds with thin layers of milk chocolate and place in the fridge to set again. Keep doing this for three or four layers. Turn out of the moulds and brush the edges with some more melted chocolate to stick together.

Fill your eggs with your favourite sweets or mini eggs.
And enjoy! Happy Easter :-)

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